Consulting for Educational Institutions

The services that AmHighEd is committed to providing in this area include:

  • Assistance with Grant-Writing, which will help grant seekers set clear goals and objectives, and communicate ideas effectively, and Grant Evaluation, which will help grant seekers answer the important question all grantors ask, “How will you be able to determine whether your ideas have worked?”
  • Assisting educational institutions in building their total quality management systems and guiding them through the process of applying for regional and international accreditations (e.g. ISO 9001) and/or quality awards (e.g. Baldrige, EFQM)
  • Providing consulting and advisement services for maintaining academic accreditations and/or applying for new accreditation programs
  • Conducting different workshops on grant writing, on-line course development, assessment, total quality, process management and continuous improvement as part of faculty development and organizational awareness
  • Leading the institution toward competency-based education and programs