Who We Are


To become the preferred choice of businesses, universities and knowledge seekers worldwide as a critical source of guidance and assistance in promoting the quality of training, education and research.


American Institute of Higher Education (AmHighEd) is dedicated to providing high quality services to businesses, universities, and individuals around the globe who wish to improve the quality of training, education, research, and individual and organizational performance. AmHighEd prepares trainers and educators to meet the challenges of changing technology and the educational needs of our global society, and provides training services to all individuals seeking state-of-the-art training to improve their knowledge. This is accomplished through strengthening individual and organizational knowledge and capabilities, improving the quality of processes, and providing the required and related advising and consulting services.


We believe that education is the foundation of successful individuals and organizations. We believe that all human beings are capable of building on their strengths and advancing their knowledge. We believe that all individuals deserve access to state-of-the-art tools and technologies that can assist them in improving their work and performance. We do what we say – we work together and we follow through.