In accordance with our mission to provide quality services to businesses, universities and individuals around the globe, AmHighEd offers a broad range of consulting services and training.


We offer consultations for both educational, and non-educational (i.e. Government, Manufacturing, Health/Service Industries) institutions.  For more information on the areas and ways you can benefit from a consultation with our company, contact us today!


We provide short-term courses, certification and degree programs for managers and other professionals using modern distance education technology to meet the business world’s demand for knowledge and problem- solving skills. The institute’s training and educational services will extend to non-business areas as deemed appropriate by the executive committee.  We offer a broad range of topics that can benefit all levels of employment with your company.  Visit our training page for more specific details on courses offered.


We provide assistance with Grant-Writing, which will help grant seekers set clear goals and objectives, and communicate ideas effectively.  We also evaluate Grants, which will help grant seekers answer the important question all grantors ask, “will you be able to determine whether your ideas have worked?” For more details on grant assistance and evaluation, visit our grants page.


There are several services we offer to community colleges.  We assess curriculum compatibility with market needs, which will enable the development of curricula that anticipate the needs of the labor market.  AmHighEd supports increased visibility and competitiveness through certification, which ensures the operational procedures and performance measures conform to the requirements of of certification bodies.  Additionally, we facilitate effective course design, which will support faculty in designing the course materials and learning and implementing the most effective teaching methods and technologies.  Finally, we enable process improvement optimization, which designs and assesses processes that reduce cost and increase revenue. Our Community Colleges page holds further details on these services.