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What is a WEBINAR?


A webinar is a virtual lecture or training session presented live on the Internet. The session includes PowerPoint presentation, handouts, video, interactive questions and answers. WEBINARS@AmHighEd® allows the presenter to use a PowerPoint presentation, Word document, and YouTube video. Presenters should prepare for approximately 45-60 minutes of presentation and 15-25 minutes for question and answer segments and poll questions. Your presentation may be recorded for archival purposes and for future use.


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How can I submit a Webinar proposal?


We invite you to submit a proposal to conduct a webinar presentation. Preference will go to topics of interest to our customer base, which is primarily education and business. Your proposal will be forwarded to the WEBINARS@AmHighEd® team for consideration and AmHighEd will notify you of acceptance. The proposal must include:


1. The completed “Webinar Proposal” form (click HERE to download the form)

2. Presenter’s Resume

3. (Preferably) PowerPoint File of the Presentation




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What are the presenter’s responsibilities?

  • Complete the attached “Webinar Proposal” form and submit it along with your most recent resume.
  • Provide a PowerPoint presentation to be used for the visual part of the webinar. This must generally be submitted four (4) weeks in advance of the program. Acceptance of a proposal is based on the content and the presenters named at the time of submission. Any changes to content or speakers must be conveyed to WEBINARS@AmHighEd® Team in advance. The team reserves the right to reassess suitability.
  • Locate a quiet room, a computer with high speed Internet capabilities, a computer headset with a high quality microphone and/or webcam to present the webinar.
  • Participate in at least one training session for the webinar. The presenter’s PowerPoint presentation will be used during the training to familiarize the presenter with the webinar presentation logistics.
  • Identify a back-up presenter should an act of God or emergency occur on the presenter’s scheduled webinar date and time.

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What does AmHighEd provide?


AmHighEd provides technical services, production, and promotion of the webinar. Attendance at events varies not just with the topic, but with the speaker's perceived expertise and drawing power. AmHighEd will provide information about speakers, and potential attendants will be able to search through a gallery of experts to find biographies, testimonials, optional audio or video greetings, links to articles or blogs, and even links to Amazon to buy books written by the speakers.


An AmHighEd staff member will be available to help the presenter in the planning and presentation of the webinar. AmHighEd’s webinar provider will handle all technical aspects of the webinar including training the presenter and monitoring/assisting with the entire live webinar presentation. An AmHighEd staff person will be involved during the training and entire live presentation to assure the highest quality webinar.


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Will the presenter be compensated?


The amount of monetary compensation will be based on the topic and the number of participants in the webinar. Once your proposal is approved, AmHighEd will provide more details and you sign a contract indicating the amount of compensation in the form of an honorarium. Presenters are strictly prohibited from “selling on the platform.” The distribution and sale of promotional materials and touting of commercial ventures which may personally or financially benefit the speaker is not permitted within the context of the presentation.


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How do I acquire more information?


For more information please email:


Alireza Lari, Ph.D.

American Institute of Higher Education

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What Webinar system do you use?


We use Webex, the best system for Webinars with high visual and sound quality. You can find more details about this system at


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Do I need special equipment?


As a presenter, you just need to have a computer with access to the high-speed Internet, a computer headset with a high-quality microphone (strongly suggested), and/or a webcam (to show yourself to audiences). You must test those equipments BEFORE the Webinar session to make sure they are functional. 


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How do I join the Webinar?


Click the meeting link in your invitation email message, and then click Join Now.

When joining a meeting, you may need to enter some details on the Join Meeting page:

  • Your name: Enter the name you want attendees to use to identify you during the meeting.
  • Email address: Enter your email address, in this format: name@your_company—for example,
  • Meeting password: Enter the meeting password. The meeting host may have included the password in the email invitation or, for security reasons, provided it to you in another way. If the meeting does not require a password, the text box does not appear on this page.

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Do you have a toll free number so I can call in?

No, in order to ensure the quality of sessions we do not use the audio conference with a toll free number. we use Integrated VoIP conference for Webinar sessions. This option allows participants to speak to each other using voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)-an Internet-based telephony service-through the computer.



How do I join an integrated VoIP conference?

After you join a meeting, the Integrated VoIP Conference dialog box appears automatically. When you use your computer to speak and listen in a meeting, your computer sends and receives sound across the Internet. To do this, your computer must have a supported sound card and be connected to the Internet.


To join or leave an Integrated VoIP conference, do one of the following:

  • Click Yes to join the conference when the Join Integrated VoIP message appears on your screen.
  • On the Audio menu, choose Integrated VoIP > Join Conference or Leave Conference respectively.

To rejoin an Integrated VoIP conference:


On the Audio menu, choose Integrated VoIP > Join Conference.



  • Before starting or joining an Integrated VoIP conference, use the Audio Setup Wizard to fine-tune your computer's settings for Integrated VoIP

  • For purposes of audio quality and convenience, use a computer headset with a high-quality microphone rather than speakers and a microphone.



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How do I make the presentation?


As a presenter, when you join the Webinar session, you will be granted a "Presenter" privilege which will allow you to use your microphone and share your presentations/documents. Please note that the Q & A will come after you finish your presentation.


If you are a current speaker in an Integrated VoIP conference, the method by which you speak depends on the speaker setup option that is currently selected for your Integrated VoIP session:

  • Desktop speakers (default): If this option is selected, the following appears in the bottom-right corner of your Meeting window:





    Press the Ctrl key on your keyboard while speaking. Pressing this key mutes your speakers, thereby preventing your voice from echoing in the conference.

  • Headset: If this option is selected, the following appears in the bottom-right corner of your Meeting window:





Simply speak into your microphone.



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How do I share presentations/Documents?


File sharing is ideal for presenting information that you do not need to edit during the meeting, such as a slide presentation.


You can share almost any type of file that you can print from your computer. Participants view shared files in their content viewers without the need for the application with which it was created. Participants can also view any animation and transition effects on shared Microsoft PowerPoint slides.


After a meeting starts, you can open a presentation or document to share. You do not need to select it or “load” it before the meeting. You can share a document or presentation that resides on your computer. Participants view the shared document or presentation in their content viewers.


To share a document or presentation:

  • On the Share menu, choose Presentation or Document. The Share Presentation or Document dialog box appears.
  • Select the document or presentation that you want to share. Click Open. The shared document or presentation appears in the content viewer.

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How do I share Web content?


You can share a Web page that contains multimedia effects. The page opens in the content viewer on each participant's screen.


To share Web content:

  1. On the Share menu, choose Web Content.

    The Share Web Content dialog box appears.

  2. In the Address box, enter the address, or URL, at which the content resides.

    Or, if you have previously shared the content, select it in the drop-down list.

  3. In the Type box, select the type of Web content that you want to share.
  4. Click OK.


    Tip: You can copy a URL from any source, such as another browser window, and then paste it in the Address box.

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How do I share a whiteboard?


You can share a whiteboard on which you can draw and write. Attendees can view a shared whiteboard in their content viewers.


To share a whiteboard:


On the Share menu, choose Whiteboard.



  • You can add multiple pages to a shared whiteboard.
  • You can share multiple whiteboards. For each whiteboard that you share, you see a new Whiteboard tab in the content viewer.


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How to manage views of presentations, documents, or whiteboards?


All shared presentations, documents, or whiteboards appear in the content viewer in the Meeting window. A tab at the top of the content viewer appears for each document, presentation, or whiteboard that is being shared.


Depending on your role and the privileges that you have, you can do the following when viewing shared content in the content viewer:

  • View slides, pages, or whiteboards at various magnifications.
  • View slides, pages, or whiteboards in miniature.
  • Display a full-screen view of a page, slide, or whiteboard.
  • Synchronize all participants' views of a page or slide with the view that appears in your content viewer

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