How do I register?

Click HERE for the online registration form.


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What is a Webinar?

A Webinar is a virtual lecture or training session presented live on the Internet. The session includes PowerPoint presentation, handouts, video, interactive questions and answers. Attendees also have access to the recorded Webinar without extra charges.



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What Webinar system do you use?

We use Webex, the best system for Webinars with high visual and sound quality. You can find more details about this system at


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Do I need special equipment?

A computer with access to the high-speed Internet and a computer headset with a high-quality microphone (strongly suggested) are all the equipments you need.


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How do I join the Webinar?

Click the meeting link in your invitation email message, and then click Join Now.

When joining a meeting, you may need to enter some details on the Join Meeting page:

  • Your name: Enter the name you want attendees to use to identify you during the meeting.
  • Email address: Enter your email address, in this format: name@your_company—for example,
  • Meeting password: Enter the meeting password. The meeting host may have included the password in the email invitation or, for security reasons, provided it to you in another way. If the meeting does not require a password, the text box does not appear on this page.

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Do you have a toll free number so I can call in?

No, in order to ensure the quality of sessions we do not use the audio conference with a toll free number. we use Integrated VoIP conference for Webinar sessions. This option allows participants to speak to each other using voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)-an Internet-based telephony service-through the computer.


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How do I join an integrated VoIP conference?

After you join a meeting, the Integrated VoIP Conference dialog box appears automatically. When you use your computer to speak and listen in a meeting, your computer sends and receives sound across the Internet. To do this, your computer must have a supported sound card and be connected to the Internet.


To join or leave an Integrated VoIP conference, do one of the following:

  • Click Yes to join the conference when the Join Integrated VoIP message appears on your screen.
  • On the Audio menu, choose Integrated VoIP > Join Conference or Leave Conference respectively.

To rejoin an Integrated VoIP conference:


On the Audio menu, choose Integrated VoIP > Join Conference.




  • Before starting or joining an Integrated VoIP conference, use the Audio Setup Wizard to fine-tune your computer's settings for Integrated VoIP

  • For purposes of audio quality and convenience, use a computer headset with a high-quality microphone rather than speakers and a microphone.


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Can more than one person listen in?

Absolutely. Your registration fee entitles you to one Web link per site. For multiple users, simply use speakers and projector.


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When do I get the materials?

This will depend on the presenter. Usually, after the Webinar we will email you the materials/PowerPoint slides.


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How does the question and answer session work?

The questions and answers will take place after the presentation. The moderator will coordinate this session. In order to ask question, you MUST type your question in the chat area (make sure to send the message to the Presenter). The presenter will respond to the question on First Come First Serve basis.


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