What is a Webinar?


A webinar is a virtual lecture or training session presented live on the Internet. The session includes PowerPoint presentation, handouts, video, interactive questions and answers. Attendees also have access to the recorded Webinar without extra fees.


Benefits of Webinars

  • Time effective: It takes only 90 minutes of your time. You do not have to worry about travelling and missing two to four days of your works, and you still receive the same learning outcomes as regular workshops.

  • Cost effective: The registration fee is all it costs you. In the budget situation, this should be the best option to gain more knowledge without spending thousands of dollars in airfare, hotel, car rental, taxi, etc.

  • Convenient: You can attend a Webinar in your office or at home at your own convenience. Using a computer headset you can keep your Webinar quiet and not bothersome for others.

  • Easy to use: We use Webex, the best system for Webinars. All you need to have is a computer with high speed Internet connection and a computer headset with a high quality microphone. All you need to do is to click on the link in the invitation email and start joining the workshop. It cannot be easier.

  • Hot and applicable topics: Spend 90 minutes of your time to gain knowledge in hottest and most applicable topics in your fields. This is a great way to improve your career.

  • Reputable and experienced presenters: Our Webinars are conducted by presenters with world-recognized reputation and long term experiences in the fields.

  • Interactive: After the presentation, you will have a chance to ask questions and submit your feedback about our Webinars. The Webex interactive system will make this work easier than you can imagine.

  • Additional credential for your portfolio: We will provide you the certificate of attendance upon request. This will add great values to your employment portfolio. If you are a faculty member, this activity will count as faculty development.

  • Access to the recorded webinar online without extra charges: All Webinar sessions will be recorded and posted online for later access. If you pay the registration fee, you will have access to this archive without extra charges.

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