"I thoroughly enjoyed the conference and hope to be a part of it again, next fall. Please keep me on your mailing lists! If I can do something to help you all, let me know! You all did a super job"

- Dr. Catheryn J. Weitman, Barry University -

"The conference was very well organized and interesting"

- Dr. Srilata Bhattacharyya, Adelphi University -

"Thanks for an enjoyable conference! I wanted to share with you that the award and the conference information was distributed over the Jesse listserv. Also, the award and conference information is at our website http://www.lisp.wayne.edu/news.php?id=1442 

Thanks for selecting our paper to receive the "Best Paper" award -- it was an honor."

- Dr. John H Heinrichs, Wayne State University -

"Thank you for encouraging me to attend the conference and for organizing such a wonderful conference"

- Dr. Swithins Mboko, St. Cloud State Universty -

"You are totally incredible! I just looked through the conference program and saw how much work you  have done, plus your own content on "Frameworks."

- Dr. Roger A. Ritvo, Auburn University Montgomery -

"I have found a lot of value in this conference and hope that it will continue to provide a research avenue in the future."

- Dr. Al Chow, University of South Alabama -

"Thank you for hosting such a meaningful and interesting conference. I enjoyed the presentations I was able to attend"

- Dr. Oliver W. Edwards, University of Central Florida -.



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