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What is the submission deadline?


Online submission deadline: FEBRUARY 26, 2011


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How to submit a paper?


It is very easy and automatic. Click the Submit Your Paper button, log in (if it is the first time, you will need to sign up for a FREE account), fill up required information (name,


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In what areas can I write a paper?


Researchers and practitioners worldwide are encouraged to submit their work from fields related to Business and Management, Accounting, Economics and Finance, Marketing, Statistics, Operations Research, Health Care Management, and all areas of Education. Being an international conference, submissions investigating related global issues, cross-cultural, and country-specific studies are most welcome. You are welcome to further suggest special sessions, discussion panels, tutorials and workshops. Proposals for workshops, tutorials, or panels will be evaluated for possible inclusion in the meetings by the conference chair. Doctoral and other graduate students are particularly encouraged to submit papers as well as dissertation and thesis proposals; students receive a discount on registration fees. This conference creates a friendly environment for exchanging ideas among educators, researchers and practitioners.


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What are submission requirements?


Authors may electronically submit their manuscripts using the AmHighEd submission website by February1, 2011. Publication in the proceedings does not preclude subsequent publication in other journals when proper acknowledgments are made.


Any individual author or co-author may submit up to two submissions. At least one of the authors for each accepted paper must register for the conference. All the conference participants must register for the conference.


Full-length papers should not exceed 8000 words. All tables, figures, graphs, drawings and pictures should be inserted in the body of manuscript. All submissions must follow the APA style and the exact submission guidelines.


Download the submission guidelines


Submissions that do not follow the guidelines will be returned to the authors for corrections. The length for Research Abstracts submissions is at least 300 words.


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When will I receive the acceptance letter?


The authors will receive e-mail notification of acceptance (or rejection) within two weeks.


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What do I need to do after my paper is accepted?


If accepted, all manuscripts must be electronically resubmitted in proper format of no more than 10 pages for inclusion in the proceedings of the conference (available in CD-ROM format only and can be further downloaded from the conference Website) no later than March 20, 2011. The conference registration fee includes the publication of up to 10 pages in the proceedings. Papers exceeding 10 pages will pay an additional $15 per page or truncated to 10 pages. In order to include the paper in the proceedings, the conference registration fee must be received by March 4, 2011.


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How is the best paper selected?


The best paper will be selected through a competitive blind review process for both business and education areas. The best paper will be awarded at the reception on Thursday April 7, 2011. All full-length papers (face-to-face and Internet) will be automatically considered for this award.


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What is the Internet division?


If you cannot physically attend the conference, you can present your paper in the Internet Division. All manuscripts accepted for participation in the Internet Division will also be included in the conference proceedings and will be considered for the best paper award competition. All conference participants, including Internet Division, are required to register in order to be included in the conference program.


You are also invited to attend the conference even if you choose not to present a paper. You can go directly to our conference registration site for further details on participation.


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