If you can not physically attend the conference then you can still participate in the Internet Division of the conference. All manuscripts accepted for participation in the Internet Division will also be included in the conference proceedings and would be considered for an award and publication in one of the two journals. All conference participants, whether in person or in the Internet Division, are required to register for the conference in order to be included in the conference program.



We are using VYEW ( as a web conference tool for the Internet Division. With Vyew participants can make a live presentation to people online using webcam and microphone. Participants also can provide real time comments and discussions.


To get started:

For presenters/participants:

  • The session chair will send you an invitation to the session. Please make sure to join the session (by clicking on the link) on time.
  • Vyew is user friendly and easy to use. But make sure you spend time to practice with its tools before the session.
  • You will be given a “Collaborator” status so you can make presentations.
  • Due to the limited time and capacity, each presentation is allowed to have UP to 12 PowerPoint slides. Please make sure to skim down your presentation to meet this requirement or the slides will be sent back to you for correction.
  • In order to avoid delay in the session, make sure you email your PowerPoint slides to your session chair two days before (see the list of supported files below). The session chair will upload the file for you ahead of time.
  • Make sure the SYNC mode is on so everyone will see the same screen as you present
  • Test your Microphone and/or Webcam: sign up for a free account and click Test Mic/Webcam, then select Allow (for the Adobe Flash Player Settings) in the pop up window and click Close.
  • Click the Broadcast icon on the top right corner to turn on your webcam and Push to talk to start making your presentation.
  • To make comments or discussions: enter the text in the chat area.
  • You always can click Help button on the top left corner to learn about the functions of buttons and icons.

Sharing your desktop:


If you choose to share your desktop, make sure you install Java 1.6 in your computer and test this function BEFORE the session. You can download it for free at Please refer the New User Guide for more details.


Minimum Requirements


  • Computer or laptop with high speed Internet connection
  • Microphone (make sure you test your microphone with VYEW before the real session): sign up for a free account and click Test Mic/Webcam, then select Allow (for the Adobe Flash Player Settings) in the pop up window and click Close.
  • Webcam is not required and during the session we need to disable it in order to save bandwidth

Operating System: Windows ME/2000/XP/2003/Vista, Mac OS X+/Leopard, or Linux


Web Browser:

  • Mozilla Firefox 2+ (Recommended), Internet Explorer 6+ , Safari 2+,
  • Adobe Flash Player 9 ( or higher) plug-in installed (Except Vista and Leopard Users, or higher)
  • Cookies & Javascript Enabled
  • 56K internet connection (DSL+ recommended)

Requirements for Special Features:

  • For Desktop Sharing or Screen Capture: Java 1.6 (or higher) (People watching the presentation do not need Java)
  • For Built-in Voice Over IP (VOIP): A Microphone, Allow Flash access to Mic (You will be prompted when clicking "Push To Talk")
  • To Broadcast Video via Webcam: A Webcam, Allow Flash access to Webcam (You will be prompted when clicking the "Broadcast Video" icon)

Is your company behind a firewall?
Vyew normally works behind a firewall. But in some cases, if the firewall settings are very secure or too "smart", Vyew may get blocked.

Filetype Compatibility: Vyew can natively import the following file types:
.PPT (MS Powerpoint)
.DOC (MS Word)
.XLS (MS Excel)
.TXT (Raw text file)
.PDF (Adobe Acrobat)
.JPG (Image)
.GIF (Image)
.PNG (Image - w/alpha channel)
.SWF (Flash Movie)
.FLV (Flash Video)*
.RTF (Rich Text Format)






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