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Developing NGOs in Post-Soviet Azerbaijan: Expanding Kurt Lewin’s Ideals,


Roger A. Ritvo, Auburn University Montgomery


Mathis, Christopher




Women Entrepreneurs in Engineering, Mining and Construction


Andrea Smith-Hunter and Tracey Mathews, Siena College




Cross-Age Tutoring for Vocabulary Development in ESL Settings


Eileen Ariza, Florida Atlantic University


Sandra Hancock, University of Florida


Elena Webb, Palm Beach County Schools


Susanne Lapp, Florida Atlantic University




Taylor Rule in far-east Asian Countries


Shahdad Naghshpour, University of Southern Mississippi




Millennial Leadership: Institutional Leaders Using the Process-Based Leadership Approach to Strengthen Student Leadership


Sydney Freeman Jr, Auburn University




Using Games to Improve Learning in an Introductory Statistics Course and Enhance Student Critical Thinking Skills


Alan F. Chow, Kelly C. Woodford, and Jeanne Maes, University of South Alabama




Evaluation and Assessment of Training Effectiveness


Alan F. Chow, University of South Alabama


Jill Showers-Chow, Software Technology, Incorporated


Gholamreza Tashbin, University of South Alabama




Using Six Sigma Continuous Improvement Methods for Business School Accreditation Compliance


Alan F. Chow, Jeanne D. Maes, and Kelly C. Woodford, University of South Alabama




Latino high school students’ perceptions of bilingual education


Errol Dupoux, St. Petersburg College/Gibbs Campus


Elisa Estrada, Barry University




Goods and Violence: Does Trade Influence Civil War?


Shahdad Naghshpour, University of Southern Mississippi




Inflation Targeting and New EU Entrants:  Is there Monetary Policy Uniformity?


Joseph J. St. Marie, University of Southern Mississippi




Globalization: is it more than Trade?


Joseph J. St. Marie, University of Southern Mississippi




Open-source Software for Small Business Organizations


Jason Caudill, Carson-Newman College




Demonstrative Decisions: Making Attitudes Happen


Susan McMillin Gebhard, The University of North Carolina at Pembroke




Choosing the Right Textbook - An Agency Problem


Craig Freedman, and Alexander Blair, Macquarie University


Demi Chung, University of Sydney




Using AuthorPOINTTM Lecturing Software to Improve Faculty Peer Evaluations


Lewis Hershey, Fayetteville State University




Teachers’ perception of higher education reform in Taiwan, the Republic of China


Frances Feng-Mei Choi, Hung Kuang University




The Role of Financial Leverage in Service Organizations
Amitava Chatterjee, Texas Southern University
Khalid Dubas, Fayetteville State University
Lewis Hershey, Fayetteville State University




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