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The theme for the Fall 2008 American Institute of Higher Education Conference is the role and importance of information technology in dealing with issues in business and education. There are two main subthemes: the role of technology in decision making process and distance education. Our intention is to explore, discuss, and discover how to information technology can help us understand and shape the future research in these fields.

Led by a group of conference presenters and leaders, participants will collaboratively explore a diversity of perspectives on business decision making and distance education. The conference will be an amalgam of conceptions, practices, and ideologies, appreciating existing contributions, and envisioning future possibilities. Three workshops are also scheduled for this conference in the areas of Education and Grant Writing.

All accepted papers will be published in the proceedings of the conference with paid registration. All papers will be considered for publication in our two journals of "American Journal of Business Research" and "American Journal of Educational Studies", both listed in the Cabellís directory.

We invite you to come together to form a community with other scholars and practitioners who care about the decision making practices, information technology in business and education, and shape the future of these fields.




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